Zombie Car Stickers: Outfit Your Car With Zombie Decals

Zombie enthusiasts like you can share their hobby with the world by putting some cool zombie stickers and decals on your car. A variety of different options are available from zombie bumper stickers to zombie window decals. Here are some of the more entertaining options.

Zombie Hunting Permit Sticker

There are actually a few variations of the Zombie Hunting Permit 2012. You can opt for a United States Zombie Hunting Permit sticker or get one that is specific to your state, like the California Zombie Hunting Permit sticker. (see image)

Zombie Assault Vehicle Sticker

Another fun variation is the Zombie Assault Vehicle bumper sticker. It is small enough to not be too tacky, but large enough to up the awesome factor on your ride. (see image)

Zombie Stick Figure Family Window Decals

The popular stick figure family window decals have a cool zombie version that you can get. Nothing looks as cool as some Zombie Stick Figure Family Window Decals on the back of a minivan. Seriously. You kids will give you infinity cool points if you put these on the rear window. (see image)

Zombie Outbreak Response Team Decal Sticker

Show the zombies who is in charge with one of these Zombie Outbreak Response Team decals or stickers. You can order it as either a window decal or a sticker. There are also a few different color combo options as well. (see image)

zombie stickers and decals

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