RiffTrax Live: Night of the Living Dead Halloween 2013

RiffTrax Live Night of the Living Dead

If you have ever attended one of the RiffTrax Live movie showings put on by Fathom Events, then you already know what a hysterical good time they are for audiences everywhere. For Halloween 2013, the RiffTrax Live guys - Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett - are putting on "Night if the Living Dead" for just one night. If you want to see this event, it takes place on Octoer 24th, 2013.

The event is broadcast live from the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee to select theaters across the nation. Normally, these live events start at 8 p.m. with some fun activities starting 30 minutes before that.

Even if you have never seen this George Romero zombie movie, you are going to love this viewing and the mockery hurled at it from the live hosts for the night. If you need tickets, be sure to order early before the sell out. You can get more info at the Fathom Events site here.

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