Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Teaser Poster

The fifth installment of the Resident Evil movie franchise, Resident Evil: Retribution, has released a teaser poster for the movie’s release. The movie itself it not set to hit theaters until Fall 2012. When the movie comes out, it will be available in 3D as well as 2D. There no sign of the zombie ass-kicking Alice in the teaser poster, just an awesome image of the Umbrella Corp. logo in an apocalyptic setting.

Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Teaser Poster

If you are getting excited for this movie, then the teaser poster is likely only going to build the anticipation for you.

Images from the movie itself have also leaked online. All of the leaked images from the Resident Evil 5 movie focus on the character of Alice. Soon, we’ll learn what is in store for Alice and the Umbrella Corp…

Resident Evil 5 movie

To keep up with the latest news on this awesome new Resident Evil movie, you can check out the official Resident Evil movie website or keep checking back here for updates. As we get them, we will post them because we love Alice!

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