Fight Zombies In An Abandoned Shopping Mall

zombie mall

If you’re looking for some zombie killing action in the United Kingdom, then look no further than some of the experience days offered by

For a limited time, you can purchase the “Zombie Shopping Mall” experience day for the low price of just £139. What you get for this fee is over three hours of badass zombie fighting action in an abandoned shopping mall – complete with special effects like you see in movies and missions straight out of video games.

The action takes place about 30 minutes outside of London at the abandoned Reading shopping centre. This mall is set for demolition, which means that this experience day is only available while the building is still standing. This zombie battle experience is only available for weekends though.

If you decide to book this experience day, there is a maximum of 15 people that go on the zombie fighting mission at one time. So, you might be in a group with strangers. Session times are either 9am or 1pm.

You are given air soft weapons to use as you battle for your life in the zombie shopping mall. To make the experience more authentic, you are given limited ammo and not many opportunities exist to replenish it.

Sadly, you can’t take your own cameras to the zombie battle. However, the organizers do take some photos for you and even give you some of them for free. And since zombie fighting is such hard work, drinks and snacks are available after at no cost.

If this sounds like an awesome way to spend a few hours on your weekend, you should book your experience day while you still can! I know if I was in the UK that I would have already checked this out myself.

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