Will Detroit Get A New Zombie Theme Park Attraction?

In the near future, Detroit could be the go-to destination for zombie enthusiasts everywhere. At least if a grassroots group has anything to do with it.

The possible new attraction is appropriately titled “Z World Detroit” and aims to make use of the many abandoned buildings in Detroit and turn it into a zombie experience super-park. It will not be a theme park in the traditional sense of roller coasters and other rides. Instead, it seems like the idea is to have a big park that serves as a sort of live game play where people can pay to get the zombie experience.

It should be noted that there are no weapons in Z World Detroit. It is more like flag football where park attendees have special tear away patches and once those patches are all torn away, they are no longer trying to escape the zombies because they have just become one of the undead.

Unfortunately, no opening date has been announced because this is not a sure fire thing. Right now, money is being raised via IndieGoGo to get this project off the ground. It is really a win-win if it gets funded because it helps to revitalize Detroit and it gives zombie enthusiasts something super fun to do on vacation. Just imagine the water cooler conversation…

Worker 1: Hey man, how’d you spend the long weekend?

Worker 2: Drove to Detroit. Got chased by some zombies.

Worker 1 – look of disbelief.

Detroit and zombies are each scary enough on their own. Just imagine if the two can come together…If you’re a zombie enthusiast, you can donate to the project here.

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