Cranial Vomit is Your Source for All Things Apocalyptic

Did you like zombies before everyone fell in love with 'The Walking Dead?' Do you watch all those nerdy apocalypse shows on the History Channel? Rather be caught wearing a zombie hunting t-shirt than a 'Twilight' t-shirt?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the site for you.

We love zombies, those nerd shows and are anti-Twilight t-shirts. And, we just might be some of the few people who anxiously await the next installment of the "Resident Evil" movies. Hey now, don't judge us - Alice is one kick-ass, zombie-fighting woman!

This isn't just a fangirl site for zombies though.

Seriously. We love them, but they are not the only apocalyptic hotties in town.

We are by no means experts on all things apocalypse, but we'll be throwing out some of the cool stuff we find, maybe some crap we come across, and all the crazy interesting (and sometimes just plain crazy) things having to do with the apocalypse.